Washington and Wall Street would have you believe the only way you can grow your nest egg is through stocks and bonds. WRONG! Over the last two centuries, 90% of the world’s millionaires were created by investing in real estate. As an accredited investor, there is a better way to build equity and maximize profitability. You have the opportunity to invest in income-producing Multifamily Commercial Real Estate. Apartment Communities!!!


We provide targeted investment opportunities secured with time-tested, wise investment strategies. We choose our investment properties to yield strong returns to our investors by seeking out projects in strategically selected markets that have value-add components, motivated sellers with below-market rents, poor operations management and/or deferred maintenance. We provide the expertise, resources and the network necessary to achieve the financial outcomes you want. Partner with us and participate in multifamily real estate investment opportunities.

This is a partnership and, as such, we have responsibilities to you, our investment partners.


*We assemble a pool of like-minded investors.

*We seek out growth-markets with a strong, diverse economic foundation.

*We seek out properties that have value-add components to force appreciation.

*We conduct a thorough roof-to-basement due diligence study of the property.

*We negotiate the purchase and the financing of the property.

*We vet and assemble a team of professionals to manage and maintain the asset.

*We update the investors through consistent, transparent communication.

*We distribute monthly dividend checks.

*We negotiate and close on the sale of the property. 



We invest our own capital as well as funds provided from accredited investors to buy stabilized multifamily assets in growing markets.



We increase the income of the property through renovations and a focus on efficiency. Creating better communities for tenants.



We sell the improved property once we've achieved the desired value-add target, giving you a higher return on your initial investment.



Real Estate is less volatile and has historically out performed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.


Tenants pay down the debt which increases your equity, creating long term wealth.


You can leverage multifamily real estate, allowing for the purchase of $10M with only $2.5M.

Tax Benefits

Investors will receive depreciation write offs that will help keep more profits in your pockets.


Income producing multifamily real estate will appreciate in value over time. 

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